Monday, May 20, 2024

Abnormal Child Psychology (7th Edition)

Are you a student studying abnormal child psychology? If so, the Abnormal Child Psychology 7th Edition book by Eric J Mash and David A Wolfe is the perfect resource for your course.

The seventh edition includes expanded coverage of the latest research findings and theories, case studies, and important clinical issues. Additionally, this edition includes an expanded version of the DSM-5, a glossary of common terms and definitions, and online links to supplementary resources.

This versatile reference includes the latest information on topics including causes of behavior and research methods, as well as drug therapies and intervention strategies.

Abnormal Child Psychology 7th Edition is perfect for students who are looking to gain a comprehensive understanding of abnormal child psychology. The resource helps strengthen your educational foundations, encourages exploration of timely and groundbreaking research, and provides the knowledge and confidence you need to join the field.

Students, don’t miss out on Abnormal Child Psychology 7th Edition — your one-stop shop for understanding abnormal child psychology!


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