Thursday, April 18, 2024

Assessment in Early Childhood Education (8th Edition)

Welcome to Assessment in Early Childhood Education 8th Edition! This groundbreaking textbook provides students with vital information on the fundamentals of assessment in early childhood.

Written by award-winning authors Dr. Sue Wortham and Belinda Hardin, this book offers research-based strategies that help guide instruction and assessments in a variety of areas such as planning, motor development, language and literacy development, math, science and social skills.

This comprehensive 8th edition contains brand new content that builds upon the topics explored in previous editions, including six new chapters focused on problem solving and critical thinking, STEM foundations for learning, evaluation systems, informal assessments, universal screening for academics and social emotional development and portfolios.

With hundreds of illustrations to bring each chapter to life, you’ll be able to better understand concepts such as developmental milestones for children from birth to age eight.

As an aspiring early childhood educator, you want the best educational tools at your fingertips – which is why Assessment in Early Childhood Education 8th Edition is a must-have resource!

Ideal for students studying Ulman’s Infants & Toddlers: Curriculum & Teaching or Habesha’s Education of Young Children courses and professionals seeking insight into assessment techniques for young learners — this book puts everything needed at your disposal. Pick up your copy today to get started with your educational journey!


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