Monday, July 22, 2024

Communicating at Work (12th Edition)

Communication plays a key role in business today, and Keeping up with all the new technologies and trends can be a challenge, especially for students. That’s why Communicating at Work 12th Edition by Ronald Adler and Jeanne Marquardt Elmhorst is the perfect start to mastering successful communication in the business world.

A comprehensive resource, Communicating at Work 12th Edition covers everything from presentation skills to writing clear and effective emails. It shows you how to take charge of conversations and use active listening to get the most out of meetings. Strategize to get results, learn the basics of understanding cultural contexts, and more. With this one book, you’ll be prepared to start communicating effectively from day one.

Communicating at Work 12th Edition also serves as an invaluable reference guide after you’re already in the job market. Use it to prepare dynamic reports, negotiate conflicts, and be the go-to person in disagreements. It will provide you with the skill set to master any challenge that comes your way.

Whether you’re a freshman getting ready to dive into the world of business, or have already been working for years, Communicating at Work 12th Edition is only the book you need to level up your communication game and make a lasting mark in the business world. Get your hands on this invaluable resource and start communicating your way to success!


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