Thursday, April 18, 2024

Discovering Psychology (8th Edition)

Have you ever wanted to study the inner workings of the mind? Discovering Psychology 8th Edition is the perfect resource for a student of psychology. This updated version provides an accessible introduction to contemporary psychology, with coverage of both classic studies and current and emerging research.

This edition features an overview of psychological science, scientific literacy, historical contributions to behavioral sciences, research methods, biopsychology, sensation and perception, states of consciousness, learning and memory development cognitive processes including reasoning problem solving language and creativity, intelligence testing, emotions stress and health. Plus new material on applied psychological skills found in everyday life!

Discovering Psychology 8th Edition is written by Sandra E. Hockenbury and Susan A. Nolan – both experts in their field who have a deep knowledge of the complexities involved in understanding behavior and mental processes in order to help us better understand ourselves and our environment. Students will appreciate this book’s comprehensive yet approachable organization which outlines topics that are key to building a solid foundation for studying psychology. With the updated illustrations, diagrams and photos students can easily interpret complex concepts. Plus available as an e-book!

Whether seeking to learn more about oneself or gain insight into others’ beliefs and behaviors Discovering Psychology 8th Edition by Sandra E. Hockenbury & Susan A. Nolan provides an effortlessly informative read for any student studying psychological sciences such as neurology or physiology. Get your hands on this valuable book today for an exploration into the intricate world of Discovering Psychology!


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