Wednesday, May 29, 2024

Discrete Mathematics and Its Applications (8th Edition)

The 8th Edition of Discrete Mathematics and Its Applications allows you to explore the fascinating world of mathematics! Written by Kenneth Rosen, this comprehensive book provides everything students need to turn an math enthusiast.

With its unique approach, the book covers topics such as logic and set theory; counting techniques; elementary probability; relations and functions; Boolean algebra; graph theory, trees, and language theory.

This book helps deepen students’ understanding of fundamental concepts in mathematics. You will be able to use logical reasoning in problem solving and become a master of reason in both theoretical and Applied problems.

It is packed with over 700 illustrations that provide clarity on important concepts, allowing students to instantly visual understand them. In addition, it also contains questions that will require more thought including advanced exercises aimed at helping students think critically and strengthen their deductive skills.

You can trust the excellence of Kenneth Rosen’s Discrete Mathematics 8th Edition — equipped with specific step-by-step strategies for comprehensively explaining complex issues of discrete mathematics in vivid detail! Get ready to take your knowledge to the next level!


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