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Foundations of Sport and Exercise Psychology (7th Edition)

Sport and exercise psychology is a fascinating field that explores the psychological factors that influence performance, motivation, and well-being in sports and physical activities. The seventh edition of the book “Foundations of Sport and Exercise Psychology” is a comprehensive resource that covers key concepts and principles in this discipline.

Key Concepts and Principles

One of the key concepts presented in the book is the importance of understanding the mind-body connection. It emphasizes how psychological factors, such as thoughts, emotions, and beliefs, can significantly impact physical performance and overall well-being. By recognizing and harnessing the power of the mind, athletes and individuals involved in physical activities can enhance their performance and achieve their goals.

The book also delves into the concept of motivation and its different forms. It explores intrinsic motivation, which refers to engaging in an activity for the inherent satisfaction and enjoyment it brings. It also discusses extrinsic motivation, which involves engaging in an activity to attain external rewards or avoid punishment. Understanding these motivational factors is crucial for athletes and coaches to create an environment that fosters optimal performance and long-term engagement.

Another important principle highlighted in the book is the role of self-confidence in sports and exercise. Self-confidence refers to an individual’s belief in their abilities to successfully perform a specific task or achieve a desired outcome. The book provides strategies for developing and maintaining self-confidence, which can have a profound impact on an individual’s performance, motivation, and overall well-being.


The seventh edition of “Foundations of Sport and Exercise Psychology” offers valuable insights into the key concepts and principles of this field. By understanding the mind-body connection, motivation, and self-confidence, individuals can enhance their performance and well-being in sports and physical activities. Whether you are an athlete, coach, or simply interested in the psychological aspects of sports, this book provides a comprehensive and accessible resource to deepen your understanding and improve your practice.


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