Thursday, April 18, 2024

Freshney’s Culture of Animal Cells (8th Edition)

Freshney’s Culture of Animal Cells 8th Edition is the authoritative guide to animal cell culture. Immediately understand and apply the latest techniques and best practices in working with animals cells.

For students interested in experimenting with animal cells, this is a must have. It provides detailed instruction on how to handle culture equipment properly, how to grow and maintain cultures, practical skills in preparing materials such as media and reagents for culturing, options on biotechnological (in vitro) applications of cell cultures such as using chromosomes or nucleic acid extractions; and genetic engineering techniques such as transfection or gene silencing.

Freshney’s Culture of Animal Cells 8th Edition written by renowned author R. Ian Freshney and co-author Amanda Capes-Davis offers coverage on current technologies such as stem cells, organoids and organ-on-a chip cultures.

With an easy-to–use interface you’ll have access to more than: 500 vivid digital pictures, 225 animations taken from actual experiments, step by step protocols which are suitable for users without prior cell culture knowledge plus more helpful resources nothing else can compare!

Buyers will never need another guide on animal cell culturing once they purchase Freshney’s Culture of Animal Cells 8th Edition – definitive guide loaded with new features that makes exploring animal cell culture easier than ever before!


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