Monday, May 20, 2024

Human Resource Management (16th Edition)

Are you a student in Human Resources or related fields? Then Human Resource Management 16th Edition by Sean R. Valentine, Patricia Meglich, and Robert L. Mathis is the perfect textbook for you.

Packed with chapters and sections on the latest HR theories, concepts, and applications, this edition is an absolute must for aspiring experts.

This book will help you understand the fundamentals of human resource management, and is an ideal starting point with for long-term success in the HR field. It covers the most up-to-date information on various topics such as workforce planning, labor relations, employee training, compensation, and more. It’s easy to understand, comprehensive, and engaging – you’ll enjoy reading it!

The material is logically arranged so that it’s easy to digest and learn from, and comes with helpful illustrations and diagrams. There are also plenty of activities provided which enable you to apply your knowledge to real-life scenarios.

Human Resource Management 16th Edition is the perfect guide for mastering the art and science of Human Resources. Take the stress out of studying HR and excel your career by using this book!


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