Monday, May 20, 2024

Leadership in Organizations (9th Edition)

Leadership in Organizations 9th Edition is packed with the latest expertise from renowned leaders on the subjects of organizational behavior and effective leadership. Authored by the esteemed team of Gary A. Yukl and William L. Gardner.

In this invaluable guidebook, leadership pioneers Yukl and Gardner compile their extensive research and experience into one easy-to-navigate learning resource. Readers have the benefit of their combined knowledge, based on the study of various industries and individuals.

With their ability to interpret the data accurately, readers are better prepared to confront the unpredictable nature of organizations and the ways in which it affects today’s challenges.

Each chapter provides the necessary technical information on topics such as managerial styles, strategic decision-making, and organizational cultures. However, Leadership in Organizations 9th Edition also provides sound advice on practical situations, highlighting the particular strategies used to create success in challenging situations.

This sophisticated synthesis of theory and application sets Leadership in Organizations 9th Edition apart from other organizational behavior publications.

Leadership in Organizations 9th Edition is an indispensable tool for any serious student in the field, offering an enriched understanding on the complexities of leadership and power dynamics. This edition is the optimal guide to make any aspiring leader shine. Invest in your future by getting the latest edition at an unbeatable price.


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