Thursday, April 18, 2024

Nutrition for Health and Healthcare (6th Edition)

Nutrition for Health and Healthcare 6th Edition is the ideal resource for anyone interested in taking charge of their health and wellbeing. This book is essential for anyone seeking a comprehensive view of nutrition and its role in maintaining overall health and preventative healthcare.

The 6th edition not only provides detailed information of how certain nutrients affect the body, but also presents the most current trends and clinical guidelines for nutritional guidelines. With its accessible content and clear language, this book is perfect for students who are seeking a broad understanding of nutrition for health and healthcare.

Each chapter includes a variety of interactive activities and questions that allow readers to move from theoretical to practical applications of nutrition in their daily lives. This book is your practical guide to learning the essentials of nutrition, and how to apply them to your everyday routine.

Gain insight into the major regulatory agencies, trends in diet, as well as the role nutrition plays in the body’s ability to cope with disease, injury and other environmental stressors. With Nutrition for Health and Healthcare 6th Edition, you have the knowledge you need to live a healthier lifestyle.


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