Monday, May 20, 2024

Operations and Supply Chain Management (15th Edition)

Are you a student looking for an easy and comprehensive way to learn the fundamentals of operations and supply chain management? Look no further! The 15th edition of Operations and Supply Chain Management by F. Robert Jacobs and Richard Chase is the perfect textbook for your needs.

This book provides a thorough overview of operations, from theory to how it is applied in today’s ever-evolving business world. From forecasting inventory to satisfied customer service, this text offers an extensive look at topics such as quality management, system design, global sourcing, technology applications, team performance management, and much more. Each chapter is written with real-world examples to ensure a deeper understanding of key concepts. Along with ample illustrations to aid comprehension and provide visual examples, there are hundreds of review questions so that students can track their progress along each topic.

If you need help mastering the basics of operations and supply chain management then this book is essential for you! With its exceptional coverage of tools and techniques necessary to understand today’s changing market landscape, Operations, and Supply Chain Management 15th Edition By F. Robert Jacobs, Richard Chase will provide the insight needed to remain ahead in your coursework. Buy it now – get smart — get ahead!


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