Tuesday, April 16, 2024

Plants and Society (8th Edition)

Achieve horticultural success with Plants and Society 8th Edition! This bestselling text from authors Estelle Levetin and Karen McMahon has been revised and updated to provide the comprehensive coverage of interconnected topics that are critical for success in horticulture.

Discover how plants impact society in new, creative ways and build a better understanding of the interconnections between plants, humans, and the environment. Discover the role plants play in economic development, cultural practices and beliefs, and our perception of beauty, while also studying the various processes associated with horticulture.

Develop honor and respect for plants and their significance in our lives and in our society. Learn about the marvelous diversity of plant species, and gain the scientific and practical knowledge needed to manage plants in a variety of managed ecosystems. Increase your horticultural competency and benefit from additional lab exercises, review questions, and projects to apply the information to real-world situations.

Whether you want to bring conservation efforts to horticulture, wish to learn about improving plant diversity through seed dispersal, or need to know the basics of soil anthropology, Plants and Society 8th Edition is the perfect text for students seeking to develop an understanding of plants and their importance in society.

Accessible, comprehensive and conversational, this text is sure to equip readers with increased confidence and the practical skills required for horticultural success.


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