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Principles of Engineering Economic Analysis (6th Edition)

Engineering economic analysis is a crucial aspect of decision-making in the field of engineering. It involves evaluating the costs and benefits of various engineering projects and determining their financial viability. The sixth edition of the book “Principles of Engineering Economic Analysis” provides a comprehensive guide to mastering this important skill.

Key Concepts and Principles

The book covers a wide range of key concepts and principles that are essential for conducting a thorough economic analysis. Some of these include:

  • Time Value of Money: This concept recognizes that the value of money changes over time due to factors such as inflation and interest rates. The book explains how to calculate present and future values of cash flows to make informed decisions.
  • Cost Estimation: Accurately estimating costs is crucial in engineering projects. The book provides techniques for estimating costs at different stages of a project and discusses common cost estimating methods.
  • Decision Making: The book introduces various decision-making tools and techniques, such as net present value (NPV), internal rate of return (IRR), and payback period. It explains how to use these tools to evaluate the financial feasibility of engineering projects.
  • Risk and Uncertainty: Engineering projects often involve inherent risks and uncertainties. The book discusses methods for incorporating risk analysis into economic evaluations, including sensitivity analysis and Monte Carlo simulation.

Applying the Principles

The principles presented in the book are not only theoretical but also practical. They provide engineers with the necessary tools and knowledge to make informed decisions that consider both technical and financial aspects. By applying these principles, engineers can optimize the allocation of resources, minimize costs, and maximize the benefits of their projects.

Overall, “Principles of Engineering Economic Analysis” is an invaluable resource for engineers seeking to enhance their understanding of economic analysis. It equips them with the knowledge and skills needed to make sound financial decisions and contribute to the success of engineering projects.


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