Monday, July 22, 2024

Privilege, Power, and Difference (3rd Edition)

Are you looking to gain a better understanding of the issues surrounding privilege, power, and difference? Privilege, Power, and Difference 3rd Edition by Allan Johnson is the perfect book for any student wanting to gain insight on these hot topics.

Providing an introduction to contemporary theories about privilege, power, and differences in race, gender, sexual orientation, social class and other areas of stratification around the world today. It provides concrete examples of how privilege can manifest in everyday life with powerful stories from individuals who have lived experiences of oppression.

This edition encourages readers to evaluate their own complicity in systems of oppression as well as expose readers’ understandings that were previously hidden from them. In addition to updated readings and scholarly sources throughout its pages Privilege Power and Difference 3rd Edition brings up-to-date information needs about social structure today.

It also features special inserts with case studies for each chapter that will help readers identify personal connections between theory and practice

The best part: this book uses engaging stories that draw upon contemporary events to encourage critical thinking! Let Privilege Power and Difference 3rd Edition be your gateway into gaining better insight into these important topics while challenging yourself!


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