Thursday, April 18, 2024

Understanding Management (11th Edition)

Introducing Understanding Management 11th Edition by Richard L. Daft and Dorothy Marcic! This invaluable resource is the perfect companion for any student looking to master the principles of management, from small businesses to corporate organizations.

In this edition, Daft and Marcic take a comprehensive look at each element of business management. From organizational culture and behavior to planning and problem solving, their insightful approach will help you gain a solid understanding of the theory and its practical applications. With the newest updates and enhancements, you can also explore the digital advancements of today’s business management environment.

Besides a thorough analysis of the field, this edition will help you develop crucial problem-solving and decision-making skills. Whether you need to decide on a course of action to improve a company’s performance or understand how to lead a team, this book offers real-world case studies to enhance your career as a manager.

Overall, this book provides you with a detailed overview of the management field for your academic and personal growth. With a balance of problem-solving tools and theory, Understanding Management 11th Edition will make the complex world of management much easier to comprehend. So what are you waiting for? Get this essential resource today and take your understanding of management to the next level!


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